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Superior Pollen Trap


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Product Description

10 Frame Assembled Superior Pollen Trap

Harvesting pollen has never been easier! Our Superior Pollen Trap features a reversible drawer that can be used on either side of the pollen trap, allowing you to decide which side the drawer should slide out. Perfect for palletized hives. The Superior Pollen Trap fits below the brood chamber. Bees enter through the new Pollen Trap entrance, go through a screened area where the pollen falls off and is collected in a protected drawer below. Close off pollen trap entrance for 2 – 3 days every week to allow the bees sufficient stores. Completely Assembled.

“Easy harvest” pull out drawer
Fits standard 10 frame equipment.
Close by pulling the tubes for 2-3 days every week to allow the bees sufficient stores
Compatible with 10 Frame equipment only.

Additional Information

Weight 12.65 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 x 16.25 x 8.25 in