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Fumagilin -B – Nosema Treatment


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Product Description

Fumagilin®-B .5 Gram Bottle (Makes 5 Gallons):

In response to the shortage of Fumidil®-B, Mann Lake has secured permission from the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine to make Fumagilin®-B available in the USA. Fumagilin®-B is the only product registered in Canada for the treatment of Nosema in honeybee colonies.

The soluble Nosema solution! University studies show Fumagilin®-B is 15 times more soluble than Fumidil®-B

Easy to Mix.
Dissolves without heating and mixes directly into syrup. Easy mixing means you can feel confident your bees are getting the right dosage every time.
No Residue in Honey when used as directed.
Cost Effective.
Reduces expensive colony replacement and results in more productive colonies.

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