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  • Propolis


    The Bees' Miracle Mud! Have you ever wondered what that gunky stuff is that glues our bee boxes together making it “pop” when we break the seal? That's propolis! Not really high-tech stuff – basically just the “ooze” that drips...

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  • Crystallized Honey

    Crystallized Honey

    Some of you may believe 3300-year-old honey discovered in Egyptian pyramids is "perfectly edible." Aside from taste, the texture of honey found in King Tut's tomb would be far from appetizing! Depending on the flower source, granulation can be smooth,...

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  • Storing Honey Supers

    Storing Honey Supers

      Regardless of how you protect your bees' hard earned honeycomb from wax moths, it's critical! As soon as you've harvested, and let the bees clean your supers for 24 hours, it's time to store them until next year. 1....

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