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2022 TX 5000 Single Story Hive with MARKED Queen Pick Up Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday 11am-4pm


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Texas 5000™ Premium Hive! 

Please choose a pickup location Blue Ridge (near Dallas) or Dayton/Huffman (near Houston) and week of pickup. 

When make your pick-up selection, you can pick-up your bees any of the three dates listed.

Hives are pickup only. We DO NOT ship hives. 

All queens will be marked for 2022.

PICKUPS are on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday from 11am-4pm.

Please put ESTIMATED Pickup date and time in the notes section when you place your order. 

The Texas 5000™ is primarily a hybrid of Carniolan and Italians. Queens are raised from the absolute best genetics out of about 5,000 Texas hives, thus the name, Texas 5000™

- 10 Frame box with 9 frames installed

- 2022 unmarked laying Italian/Carniolan queen

- New 2022 painted box

- New painted telescoping lid

- New inner cover

- New painted screened bottom board

- Minimum 3 frames of brood

- Healthy Hive Guarantee!

- Texas Bees

- 7 day money back promise

If your selection says "out of stock" try another week.

Bee Purchases have a 7 day return policy


How to keep yourself protected from your bees

You will need to protect yourself! Our full Super Suit is going to protect you from almost 100% of bee stings, and last for years. However, if you are on a budget, or don’t mind the occasional sting, you can purchase any other options!
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