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Jalapeno Creamed Honey

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Be bold and taste our newest product! With a unique sweet and spicy flavor, it is already one of our best sellers. It contains nothing more than a blend of raw, gently whipped honey and hot jalapenos! It is considered a medium on the ‘spicy range’.
The consistency of our creamed honey is spreadable much like peanut butter, but does depend upon temperature. Creamed and whipped honey does not need refrigeration, but can be placed in a refrigerator if you desire a firmer product. To soften, place in a warm location such as a sunny window.
Use as an exotic Texas ice cream topping!

Warm and pour over a block of plain cream cheese and serve with pretzels and crackers.

This honey makes a nice glaze over fish, chicken, and steak for a sweet n’ spicy flavor.

Warm and spread with creamy butter over fresh hot cornbread or biscuits!


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