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Virtual Simplified Varroa Control June 19th 2021


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June 19th 9am-11am

Zoom link will be sent to 1 week prior to class

Join Blake Shook virtually on June 19th as we simplify 4 methods of varroa control using:

1. Genetics/Breeding Only

2. Chemical Free Options 

3. Chemical Options

4. An IPM Approach to All of the Above 

We will dive into each method, exploring what is required to successfully manage varroa. The primary focus will be on applying quick, simple, proven methods in each category, and simplifying each to make it quick & easy for small scale beekeepers.

Varroa control is often incredibly confusing and frustrating. We've worked, experimented, tested, and researched for the past few years to break down what works, quickly and easily, to control varroa both chemically & chemical free. At the end of this class, you be the first to receive newly developed charts & graphs that will, at a glance, teach you how to control mites using each of the above methods.

We can't wait to share some of our exciting findings, and be able to finally make simplified recommendations that will actually work in each category!  


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